Schola Stralsundensis
The Schola Stralsundensis, a group of vocal and instrumental soloists, was founded in 2007, as part of the project “Die Stralsunder Motetten-handschrift von 1585 - von der Komplettierung zur musikalischen Aufführung” (The Stralsund Motet Manuscript from 1585 – from its reconstruction to its musical performance), started in 2006 by Antonie Schlegel. Among the many famous and lesser-known composers present in the manuscript, the name of Eucharius Hoffmann holds a special place, for he is one of two composers who appears to have been active in Stralsund at the time that the manuscript was compiled. Indeed, in his XXIIII Cantiones, published in 1577, he is presented as Scholae Stralsundensis Cantore ('Cantor of the [music] school of Stralsund'). It appeared natural to the newly founded ensemble to take on this historical title as their name. These young musicians stem from several countries across the world and have been brought together by a common interest in the traditions, notation and performance practise of early western music. Thus, the ensemble uses exclusively copies of period instruments, performs around a single choir-book or from individual part-books and bases its interpretations on the historical use of solmization techniques.

Voices  Anna Kellnhofer, Dorothea Wagner, Christoph Dittmar, Milo Machover, Hugo Pieri, Simon Borutzki
Renaissance flute Elizabeth Farrell, Daja Leevke Hinrichs, Milo Machover
Recorder Simon Borutzki, Martin Erhardt, Stefanie Lüdecke, Silvia Müller, Antonie Schlegel, Maurice van Lieshout, Ingo Voelkner
Dulcian    Antonie Schlegel
Portative organ Martin Erhardt
Viola da Gamba    Ute Faust, Holger Faust-Peters, Dietrich Haböck, Katharina Holzhey, Miyoko Ito


Maurice van Lieshout
studied recorder and piano at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in the Hague and at the Scuola Civica in Milan. Since 2007, he has been active as Professor at the Musikhochschule in Saarbrücken, as well as teaching regularly in Leipzig and Frankfurt am Main. In his teachings, emphasis is made upon the various musical styles from the 9th to the 16th centuries, using music in original notation and period performance practice sources. In 1993, he founded the ensemble Fala Música specialized in late medieval music. He has given concerts at Festivals in Bruges (2000 and 2002), Antwerp (2000 and 2003), Utrecht, Copenhagen and Paris. He has given masterclasses at the Hochschulen für Musik in Bremen, Berlin, Münster and Weimar, in Belgium at the Lemmensinstitut in Leuven, at MUSICA BELGIEN, in Bruges at the Festival Musica Antiqua and at the Conservatorium in Maastricht.

Antonie Schlegel
was born in Stralsund.  She studied Early Music in Weimar (Franz-Liszt-Hochschule with Prof. M. Eichberger - Recorder), in Tilburg – the Netherlands (Fontys-Hogeschool with R. Stewart and M. van Lieshout - early modal music) and in Münster (Hochschule für Musik with Prof. J. Minis – Recorder). Since 2006, she has been dedicating most of her time to the reconstruction and analysis of the Stralsund Motet Manuscript from 1585, which had attracted little attention until now, partly due to the fact that it has come down to us in an incomplete state. In 2007, she founded ensemble Schola Stralsundensis, in an attempt to bring the forgotten music of 16th century North-Germany back to life. That same year, she was awarded a bursary from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to pursue her efforts on the subject. In addition to the reconstruction of the Stralsund Motet Manuscript from 1585, she has also been focussing on the XXIIII Cantiones from Eucharius Hoffmann, a 16th century composer active in Stralsund.